Health Behavior Digital Story Overview

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              Hi everyone my name is Naomi Hernandez and for my health behavior journal I decided to eliminate sugary drinks from my diet. More specifically I focused on eliminating soda from my diet as I used to drink soda on a very regular basis.
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              According to the CDC, frequently drinking sugar sweetened beverages is associated with weight gain and obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, as well as kidney diseases, non-alcoholic liver disease, tooth decay and cavities, and gout.
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              In the United states about 63% of youth and 49% of adults drank a sugar sweetened beverage on a given day. On average, united states youth consume 143 calories and adults consume 145 calories from sugar sweetened beverages on a given day. The prevalence of Americans who drink sugar sweetened beverages at least once per day differs geographically.
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              According to, how your body changes when you stop drinking soda is you'll be more hydrated, you will spare your enamel and teeth from decay. You'll lower your risk for weight gain and obesity and may possibly lose weight as well. You'll also lower your risk for diabetes and heart disease.
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              Here is my baseline description for my behavior.
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              The intervention strategies that I followed were from WEBMD.For the first week the strategy that I followed was switching to diet sodas. This allowed me to reduce my sugar intake while still giving me the satisfaction of drinking soda. as i progressed in my journey i focused on only drinking water. And the strategies that helped with this was eliminating caffeine and having water readily available. I actually went and bought a new water bottle which shown here in the slide and i made sure to carry it around with me everywhere and refilled whenever i needed to.
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              For my chart, I decided to record my weight every day over the four week period. My workout routine remained the same for the most part as well as my eating habits. so the main influence over these four week was my decrease in sugar intake as well an increase in water intake. And at the end, i had lost about 10 pounds which was a major success.
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              There are a few theories and constructs that i was able to apply to my health behavior change.
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              I was able to apply theory of reasoned action through the construct of behavioral beliefs. Behavioral beliefs are the beliefs that performing a given behavior leads to certain outcomes. a result that i expected to achieve from cutting out sugary drinks was to weight. This belief of weight loss helped make my attitude of cutting out soda a positive one and made my intentions more direct.
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              the second construct i was able to apply was the perceived benefits construct of the health belief model. these are the beliefs about the benefits of action to reduce a health threat. So another result that I expected was the decrease in my risk of weight gain and other diseases associated with high sugar intake.
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              the third and final theory that i applied was the social cognitive theory. Focusing on the environmental factors, the construct of reinforcement is the positive or negative responses to a person's behavior. before i started this journey, i had asked my boyfriend to help throughout my process by encouraging and supporting my behaviors. This really helped keep me on track and helped me not fall back to my old habits
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              So in conclusion
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              Thank you so much for watching my video and hope you have an amazing day. God Bless you.