Marijuana Laws Overview

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              Ill start off by explaining the positive benefits of marijuana. i studied the affects it has on chronic arthritis pain. it is a natural anti inflammatory which ill get more into on another slide. it can not only help pain but its medicated toawrds people with adhd, bipolar disorder, anxiety and derpession which can ultimately help get peeople off of these pills that can be very addicting. being able to help arthritis patients by using marijuana can really benefit them throughoit the day because sometimes the oain is so bad that they cant even do simple tasks such as lifting or even bending down or writing.
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              the biggest probelem of marijuana is that it is automatically linked with crime and drugs which steers people away from it. while this is true, there is much more to it from the medical field. its a very controversial topic and many people do not even feel comfortable talking about it, my goal is to help it be seem not so much as a drug associated with crime but a medicine associated with healing. i think a big part of the issue is maybe not fully understanding the legal situations of marijuana and how much they have been changing. the legal laws vary from state to state, where in new york marijuana is now decrimanalzied and legaal for medicinal use wit a proper medical marijauna card which is also known as a green card. the different laws in the state can either be legal for both medicinal and recreational use, decriminalized and legal, decriminalized and illegal. its a little complicated to understand. For example colorado has just recently deemed marijuana legal for both medicinal and recreational use whereas a place like lousiana it is only legal for CBD to be sold as an oil or pills. another issue is the possibel psycho active affects that it has, this is seen more when the use of marijauna is abused, which can cause naesua, sometimes vomitting and psycho active tohughts. when dealing with marijauna ina medical sense there arent usually cases of psychoactice effects because the correct dose is given to you.
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              in order to make people more comfortable talking about marijuana i think its imprtant to help inderstanf how it works in your bodr. we have a system called the endocannibinois system which controls the blance of homeostasis, apetite, metabolsim and immune change. cannibinoid receptors in our body block pain by microglial cells which then produces neuro imflammitory reponses. after this an increase in dopamine causes the pain to be decreased. the only way this is possible is because messages in your body which react with neurotransmitters are targeted and blocked, therefore the pain messages your brain is suppsoed to reiceve, are instead blocked by dopamine, causing there to be little to no pain. another thing to clear up which i talked about nefpre are the laws it comes with, whicih i rthink many poeple are unaware of. strains for pain are bascially hybrids which is a mix of thc and cbd from marijuana to have a relaxing, yet very potent pain relieving affect. this causes there to be less psychoactive affects, in this case with a correct dose that would just be seen as giggling or possible tingles thortught the body. the last issue to be solved is the data and proof that this works. there are many clinical and preclincial studies that have focused onn not only arthrisits but a variety of different issues and how marijauna helps it. many poeple can go to their local doctor adn ask their thightds on marijauna and i think they will be surpsied at the answet they reicieve.
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