Entrepreneur story Overview

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              The story of this entrepreneur starts off in Brazil, Paula Bakaj always had a love for sweets and wanted to travel the world and experience new and different cultures She traveled the world
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              Starting gelato classes, the entrepreneur fell in love with the product, she lived in Italy and dreamed to make this for her family and friends and also introduce it in Brazil. However when she went to open her business, the gelato shop was too costly and too much investment. And so a dream had shut down.
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              Then she returned to Brazil, where she cooked for her family and she was known to her friends and family for making the best sweets, especially chocolate truffles. She continued to cook and practice and was known widely with her friends and family for her incredible and scrumptious deserts.
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              Later she got the opportunity to move to Mexico, where she started taking cooking classes again and realized the taste preference of Mexicans was oddly similar to that of Brazilians and that Mexicans were extremely fond of chocolates and sweets. She cooked for her family a lot and was influenced a lot by what they said. Later she decided to open a business but wasn't sure until her son gave her the idea to make his favorite food, chocolate truffles and on the same day he created the website and started taking orders in.
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              The owner said "from that day I felt the satisfaction I always wanted, she described her business in three words, loving, sweet, and perfect. She felt like the business completed her and it gives her the greatest pleasure and happiness to make food that reminds her of her son.