Author: Wyatt Geitner
Created at: 12/06/2018
00:00 Wyatt Geitner

00:00 November 29

00:00 US History

00:00 Section 1

00:00 Number 1) A. The electoral college elected G.W. unanimously

00:00 Number 1) B. Martha Washington entertained guests and attended social events with G.W.

00:00 Number 2) A. They created departments for different areas of national policy.

00:00 Number 2) B. The purpose was to set up the federal court system and the courts’ location

00:00 Number 2) C. The most important element was creating three levels of federal courts.

00:00 Number 3) A. New York. It had a bustling economy

00:00 Number 3) B. Most Americans had high expectations.

00:00 Section 2)

00:00 Number 1) A. The country still had war debt.

00:00 Number 1) B. A National Bank

00:00 Number 2) A. Hamilton believed in a loose construction of the Constitution, Jefferson believed in a strict construction.

00:00 Number 2) B. The South had already paid off their debt, so they thought they shouldn’t have to pay. The North had more debt cause the war was mostly in the North, so they thought they should have help paying it off.

00:00 Number 2) C. I agree with Hamilton because it is a free, people’s country.

00:00 Number 3) A. He thought it gave too much power to the federal government.

00:00 Number 3) B. Loose construction means the government can make reasonable actions. Strict means the government has to follow the Constitution to a T.

00:00 Number 3) C. Hamilton wanted a safe place for states to put their money, which the National Bank provided and the States needed.

00:00 Section 3

00:00 Number 1) A. It stated the U.S. would not takes sides in the war between France and

00:00 Britain.

00:00 Number 1) B. They both settled issues between us and a foreign country. Jay’s Treaty was

00:00 with Britain, while Pinckney's Treaty was with Spain.

00:00 Number 2) A. U.S. Leaders-Gen. Anthony Wayne Native American Leaders- Little Turtle.

00:00 Number 2) B. The Native Americans could get kicked out of their land, or another war

00:00 would break out.

00:00 Number 3) A. Congress taxed American-made whiskey to raise money for federal debt.

00:00 Number 3) B. The tax angered farmers that is why the rebellion was caused.

00:00 Number 3) C. Washington led the army to show that he was with the country.

00:00 Number 4) A. He warned not to make permanent ties to other countries or to choose sides

00:00 because they may cause wars directly involving the US

00:00 Number 4) B. Washington did not run for a third term because he believed the leaders of

00:00 the country should switch up often so one is not in charge for too long like a king and so they don’t get too much power.

00:00 Section 4

00:00 Number 1) A. Democratic-Republican party and the Federalists.

00:00 Number 1) B. It allowed there to be two sides in the “argument” known as the election.

00:00 Number 1) C. It was difficult for them to serve together because they were parts of

00:00 opposing parties with different views on government.

00:00 Number 2) A. He wanted to improve the relationship between the U.S. and France.

00:00 Number 2) B. They thought continuing peace talks made the U.S. look like they had a

00:00 weak government

00:00 Number 3) A. That anyone who did not have proper rights in the U.S. would be sent away,

00:00 and that it was a federal crime to speak in a bad way about the government.

00:00 Number 3) B. That the Alien and Sedition Act interfered with the rights of the states’ government.

00:00 Number 3) C. I would not have supported the acts because they are unconstitutional.

00:00 Section 5

00:00 Number 1) A. Republicans- Thomas J. and Aaron Burr Federalists- John Adams and

00:00 Charles Pinckney.

00:00 Number 1) B. Each party believed the other would destroy the US

00:00 Number 2) A. He believed that the country should be based of the people with a limited

00:00 government.

00:00 Number 2) B. They both wanted the best for the country.

00:00 Number 2) C. If the government becomes too powerful then we are practically back where

00:00 we were with England

00:00 Number 3) A. the chief justice of the US

00:00 Number 3) B. without judicial review, Congress might gain to much power.

00:00 Number 3) C. it helped establish the Supreme Court.

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