Weissmann Research Presentation Overview

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              The Formal System Model will be used to understand how to find the correct measures and project management methodologies necessary for specific project success.
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              Based on this division it would appear as if strategic factors focus on project termination while tactical factors focus on project conception. In regard to “project scheduling”, this factor will gauge success on “on-time performance”. Terry Cooke-Davies attributes “on-time performance” to six specific factors. The common denominator among the first four is the understanding of risk. The creation of specific documents and the tailoring of project duration to anticipate expected risk allows for a realistic understanding of project expectations. With such insight into designing a project, appropriate safeguards, methods, and practices can be integrated to ensure success. While many suggest that time, cost, and performance are the most obvious choices for measurement, others suggest that “perceived” performance should be used instead. Studies show that many projects fail due to the improper focus of the management system. This can happen when the wrong actions are rewarded and not implementing any goals related to communication.
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              Therefore, in order for a project to achieve success there needs to be a clearly defined organizational structure established during the creation phase. Additionally, purpose drives a project to completion. A clearly defined mission statement to refer back to at various stages of the lifecycle would be helpful to any project. Additionally, there must be individuals tasked with communicating between departments. In the current cloud-based world of technology communication between parties should be more easily facilitated since the delivery of information is seamless. In regard to the environment, a project manager must anticipate what within the location of project execution could potentially create a hindrance. Once this is considered, the proper resources must be both attained and accessible for when these expected hiccups occur. A project that does not anticipate cost and time properly will lead to failure for everyone involved, stakeholders, clients, and the project management team.
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              After first bullet- In essence, who is drafting the plan, creating the schedule, and establishing channels of communication is much more important than the actual plan, schedule, and communication itself. After human resources comment- A manager is only as strong as his or her weakest employee. Therefore, beyond employing qualified personnel, a manager must know how to properly manage them. Research shows that during the implementation stage of a project that the project manager’s commitment and competence are far greater than the team members chosen for the job. At the end- There is no one way to approach management but it is important to constantly reassess one’s style in order to bring about the most effective result.
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              It is these factors that create the context for any project. According to research, the highest ranking methodology elements impacted by environmental factors are stakeholder management and change management. Often clients do not wish to work with a company’s governance while others feel that it helps create a healthy system of checks and balances in regard to the politics and power behind the relationship of project stakeholders. An ill-fitting governance can impact the effectiveness of a project methodology in regard to “[...] the ability to follow procedures to obtain resources, finalize requirements, test strategies, and quality assurance” (Joslin & Müller). A barometer for success for any project would be one that is able to anticipate and use environmental factors to its benefit.
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              Are the resources that a project requires realistic for the individuals and systems in place for the project at hand? Often, to deal with issues that arrive related to resources, project managers are forced to have their employees work overtime. This brings about additional budgetary constraints. Therefore, all aspects of a project are marked as urgent in an attempt to have project completion occur on time. When this occurs, project performance becomes negatively hindered. This is why project lifespan should only be used as a measure to evaluate project performance and success if the size of a project matches the available resources of an organization (Belassi & Tukel, Ibid). Again, success can only occur when problems are properly anticipated.
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              At end: Since project management is influenced by a high number of variables, using a multivariate method allows for the perfection of a project outcome from various angles to satisfy multiple goals
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              No two projects should be seen as the same and no one methodology should always be utilized. Answering the question of how to achieve success is one that is subjective in nature.
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